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Ecomembrane offers a wide variety of solutions for waste-to-energy projects. Our solutions are highly customizable and play a critical role in renewable energy production and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

We have manufacturing facilities in North Little Rock, Arkansas and Cremona, Italy.


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Energy Production

Creative Solutions for Storage & Renewable Energy Production

Ecomembrane’s double membrane gasholders and digester covers are used in applications that require biogas storage, including (but not limited to) industrial water treatment plants, municipal wastewater treatment plants, farms, and other plants utilizing anaerobic digestion. Discover which biogas storage solution supplied by Ecomembrane is best suited to meet your project’s unique needs.

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Notable Biogas Storage Features:

  • High operating pressures (size and design dependent)
  • Gas-tight
  • Short installation time
  • Suitable for high wind and snow loads
  • High reliability
  • Low investment and operating costs with minimal maintenance



Odor & Evaporation Control

Ecomembrane’s M1 cone is best suited to cover pre- and post-digestion tanks. This type of single membrane cover is designed to provide odor containment and rainfall protection and can even be designed to provide a gas-tight cover. Each M1 cone is supported by a central pillar that helps with wind and snow loads.

Benefits of the M1 Cone:

  • Economical odor control and rainfall protection
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Low maintenance