“These Ecomembrane covers were installed at Anaergia’s first of their kind (2) 3.5 million small footprint Digesters at Rialto Bioenergy Facility in Rialto, California, the largest landfill-diverted organic waste anaerobic digestion facility in North America. Working with Ecomembrane on these 70’ tall digester roofs, was a pleasure, you cannot ask for more when it comes to work ethic, quality of execution, safe environment, and an outstanding team.”

– Daniel Lausch B.C.E, Project Manager II, Anaergia


Who We Are

Courtesy of BIOFerm Energy Systems

Since 2000, clients from across the globe have trusted Ecomembrane to provide innovative and cost-efficient membrane biogas storage solutions. Our proven experience with design and manufacturing of coated textile solutions and more than 1000 installations worldwide, have resulted in Ecomembrane being a global leader in biogas storage.

We serve clients in the following industries/sectors:

Wastewater Resource Recovery

We help our clients increase the efficiency of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities and transform them into net producers of renewable energy solutions, including clean electricity, clean water, and fertilizers.

Organic Waste Management

We help our clients convert organic waste (e.g., manure, food processing waste, source-separated organics (SSO), and the organic percentage of municipal solid waste) into heat, fuel, fertilizers, and clean water.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

We help our clients produce natural gas from organic wastes (e.g., animal manure, food waste, plant-based materials, landfills, solid waste from wastewater treatment).

source: Aqua Engineering

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